The most amazing experience – by Nele

I am a “matured aged” lesbian woman having a wonderful, stable relationship for 19 years now with my lovely wife. As we heard about Velvet Ibiza we were tempted immediately. An all included lesbian festival on our favourite island seemed like a nice combi. So we gathered some friends and attempted the first edition….and the second, the third and soon the fourth!
Never ever in our lesbian party experiences (and there were a lot of festivals) since many many years we had such fun. All the doubts about our age(40-50) disappeared the moment we arrived. Among the participating gay woman who were majority young, we seemed not to be an exception as there were a quite  sufficient number of women of our age. The kind who wants to make a lot of fun but also wants to have some time off.  It was possible to read a good book, go for a walk, having a great chat at a quite table with new friends from around the world. But even important is the fact that we could go crazy on the dancefloor without judgements. I have not enough words to describe the wonderful atmosphere at the festival. It s an unique thing, never experienced before. Happiness allround, kindness, respect, fun and people willing to make the best out of these four days.  Looking forward to april!
Nele, Belgium