Personal review by Beli

In 2015 I was lucky to attend the first ever Velvet Ibiza festival.
I spent 4 unforgettable days with women of all ages and from different countries
and cultures in an all-inclusive resort-our safe haven on the somewhat magical island of Ibiza.
It was so great I returned in 2016.  I was fascinated by the good vibes that existed during those 4 days, the comfort of waking up in aplace where you do not miss anything because you’re in the heart of the action; a place in which all the girls you meet are all staying in the same accommodation in the same resort… I also loved thefact of not having to worry about paying anything, because everything comes
included in the price.  Oh, and an extra point for the amazing organisation as the price also included additional activities to the main festival programme over the pool parties and clubnights.
After experiencing both editions of Velvet Ibiza (2015 & 2016) I can only say that I thought that the
first year was already great, but the 2016 edition was even better!
Unlike films where the sequel often does not match the first film, Velvet Ibiza festival was great the first year and managed to build upon the first year’s success to be bigger and better in the second.
The best thing is that when things are done well people return, so in 2016
80% of the women at the festival were returning after attending in 2015 and there were fresh faces as well as the festival grew (and many indicated at the end of the festival that they will return in 2017) so the festival is set for small growth again this year.
I can’t wait to see the women I met last year and to be in such a familiar, musical, healthy and sunny, warm environment!  I’ve been counting down since November!!
You must know that with the price you pay when booking you have everything included:
transport from the airport to the hotel + all drinks until 24:00 and of course access to the pool, parties,
sport activities and all your meals!    Once you arrive at the reception, you will be given the Velvet Ibiza
bracelet and you  get your room and then… Well then you can put on your bikini and start enjoying
everything that awaits you: yoga class in the mornings, international DJs, food from the time you get
up to lunch, dinner and snacks. Best of all, drinks of all kinds day and night… In addition to
everything, you can also attend all the organized sports activities like football and beach volleyball
that take place across the weekend during the day (or not if the pool is more your thing!)… not to
mention that you also have at your disposal a gym next to the pool! Oh, and do not forget that every
night you have party and music until 4 in the morning.
This is LIVING…enjoying life with lots of women from all walks of life from around the world with the commonality of enjoying the company of other women.
The only bad thing about Velvet Ibiza is the nostalgic feeling when you leave that lovely island and
you come back to reality… But you come away from it with at least a dozen new Facebook friends
and if you’re lucky like me invitations to visit a few other countries as well!
I also have to say congratulations to Carine who organises this fantastic festival for giving us the
opportunity to be able to live such a gratifying and spectacular experience with this new concept
of a party.
I hope to see you all next year, in the third edition of Velvet Ibiza 2017 … because I promise
you will have a great time! If you see me, pop over and say hi and I’ll introduce you to some of the other
Text and photography:
Beli Klein